VIKING offers a selection of accessories for holesaws:
  • VIKING Oops adapter type MH is used for widening existing holes and is intended for holesaw diameters Ø14-305 mm.
  • VIKING rim counter sink for holesaw diameter Ø65 mm. Used to countersink Danish LK FUGA AIR SLIM Socket.
  • VIKING Rim countersink Carbide Tipped for holesaw diameter Ø68 mm for countersinking Europe electrical sockets.
  • VIKING Morse taper arbor MK2 to allow a holesaw arbor into a MK2 holder.
  • VIKING 300 mm Extension to be able to reach where there is no room for the drilling machine or to extend your arm reach.
  • VIKING threaded adaptor nut for arbors to allow a holesaw from Ø32 mm and above to be applied to an arbor for Ø14-30 mm saws.