How to select arbor? 
1. Know the max diameter of your drill chuck - then choose an arbor with a shank small enough to fit your chuck. Choose the biggest shank possible for best fixation. Arbors that fit a 10 mm chuck are 71 M24K, 71 M34 and 71 M35PS. 
Arbors with a shank to fit a 11 mm chuck are 71 M44, 71M46PS, 71 M50, 71 M55, 71 M30S, 71 M30L. If you are using SDS chuck, then use arbor M34SDS for holesaws up to, but not including, diameter Ø32 mm, or M50SDS for holesaw diameters Ø32 mm and above. 
2. Which diameter holesaw(s) are you using? Arbors 71 M24K, 71 M34, 71 M44 fit small holesaws with diameters Ø14-30 mm. For holesaws with a diameter from Ø32 mm and above, please use arbors 71 M35PS, 71 M46PS, 71 M50, 71 M55, 71 M30S, 71 M30L. 
Recommended for precision cutting and for holesaws above 220 mm diameter is 71 M55, since it fixates very firmly to the holesaw avoiding any slip. For easier dismantling of holesaw use pinned arbor 71 M35PS, 71 M46PS, 71 M50, 71 M55, 71 M30S, 71 M30L.
Morse Taper 2 adaptor is available to be able to apply a normal arbor to a machine with an MT holder. 
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